January 29, 2015

Poisons at home

Hazardous Household Products

Could this happening in your home? You bet it could - it is amazing how many hazardous household products and medications we have in our homes. Children may be at risk if we do not take precautions … [Read More...]

How Chainsaw Accidents Can Happen

Chain Saw Accident Causes Compound Fracture to Leg

This is what can happen when you do things without the proper training & education: Chain Saw Accident causes compound fracture to leg:   http://youtu.be/RUIGBS7B7WY   This is … [Read More...]

Young Canadians at work

Canada’s Labour Minister highlights Labour Day and the importance of health and safety awareness among young workers

As Canadians will celebrate Labour Day on Monday, a tradition observed for well over 100 years in Canada, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Labour Minister, highlighted the importance of providing … [Read More...]

Jim Joyce Makes the Best Call of the Year with CPR

Vetran Umpire Jim Joyce Makes His Biggest Call Of The Season

Gotta love a story like this: Vetran Umpire Jim Joyce Makes  His Biggest Call Of The Season   By Scott Miller | Senior Baseball Columnist You never know when the big moments will arrive, and … [Read More...]

Prevent your child from getting poisoned

5 Ways to Prevent Kids from Getting Poisoned

If you have ever had kids around you know very well that in a second, they can be into something they shouldn't:  5 Ways to Prevent Kids from Getting Poisoned may help you to avoid such and incident - … [Read More...]

Criminal occupation health & safety convictions

Criminal occupational health and safety convictions still difficult

Even tho Criminal occupational health and safety convictions are still difficult it does not mean that employers and upper management can rest on their laurels: Article by VINCE VERSACE staff … [Read More...]

2nd degree burn to the hand

The Chef – What Can Happen In The Kitchen

First Response's Comments: The Chef - What can happen in the kitchen:  WSIB Workplace Safety Ad really hits a cord with me. Having worked in the hospitality industry for close to 20 years, I know this … [Read More...]